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Rain Forest of
Martinique and Guadeloupe


La Palma, Canary Islands


Europe, flat reigions

Europe, mountains


Bass Rock


.La Réunion,
in the Indian Ocean


Poland winter


Poland springtime







In a diaporama images supported by music and sometimes in addition by narration tell a story.  Above I am showing  a fragment of my diaporama 'The Creation'.

In a diaporama two or more projectors are used alternatingly to fade one slide into the other.  The speed in which one projector is extinguishing while the other is glowing on, is determinating the change and sometimes during changes the slides briefly produce a surprising new image, the famous 'third image'.

The art of creating a good diaporama is: invent a story; select the pictures; make a choice for matching music, possibly combined with narration; and program the fades of the slides in relation to the music. Afterwards the finished program will manage the projectors.  In this way a diaporama is automated and can be showed over and over.

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Two slides from 
'Groen Wereldje' 

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My diaporama's:

'Groen Wereldje'  ( Green World)
A walk through the kingdom of plants from one side of the globe to the other and what among them lives.  36 slides - 4' 20 - 1999
Music: Milhaud - Scaramouche, part 2.

'Schepping'   (Creation)
With large steps the cooling down of the earth, the forming by wind and rain, the overgrowing, and what people have done with it.   17 slides - 2' 10 - 2000
Music:  Saint-Saëns - Phaéton, partial.

'Island of Réunion'
An isolated island in the Indian Ocean formed by tropical rain and a volcano, gradations of a bare volcano and lush rain forest.  35 slides - 4'20 - 2002
Music:   Garcia-Fons and Matinier - Fuera, partial and Kronos Quartet - Aai Ki Raat, partial.


On the festival(s) below part of the presentations will be diaporama's, an other part lectures with slides and there will be digital presentations also.

2004 October 23-24  -  Internationalen Naturfoto-Festival in Lünen, Deutschland, info  on the gdt-website.


2005 November 19-20  - International Naturephoto-Festival
in Bornem near Antwerpen, Belgium.  Every 3 years by the Bond Verantwoorde NatuurFotografie, more info on the website.


2005   -  Natuurfotografen Verbond Nederland
More info soon, look at the nvn- website.


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