What and when


jan, 22 2008  -  return to my website, update of the info at  the start page. It will take more time to make plans for a general update

Long period with lots of other work. Plus the changing from slidefilm to digital photography since january 2004.

2003  -  Intro page made with buttons to choose a language. Fonts embedded. This overview of the history turned over, most recent additions on top.
New pages: Poland two times, a winter page with elks and a springtime page with green things and more animals.
New pages : Scottish Bird Islands and La Réunion Island. 
Diaporama page extended. 

2002  -  Some links updated and more links added to the subject 'More Nature Photography' on the links page.

sept, 9 2001  -  The region-pages extended with a button 'to travel', which opens a small new window with links about travel info in that region.  And the homepage extended with the button 'whats new?' for a new window with some history of the website.

aug,16 - Diaporama ready!  Thanks to a very nice shareware-program: Anfy 

aug, 8  2001 -   PUBLISHED

july  -  Everything seems OK, except the diaporama. Decide to publish without it.

april  - Ready ?  Almost.  Showing a diaporama is still a big problem

januari 2001 -   Start building the website, my first one and wanted to be a special one. Before this point I have collected for a long time nice buttons and other gifs from internet and I got many ideas.


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